Products / Lanolin

We produce different grades of lanolin according to the application:

  • High purity: Ultra-purified Lanolin, hypoallergenic, without preservatives, for nursing creams, baby ointments and medical applications where the highest degree of purity is required.

  • Pharmaceutical: Lanolin for pharmaceutical applications, made under strict compliance with the USP and PhEur pharmacopoeias.

  • Cosmetic: Refined lanolin for applications where compliance with pharmaceutical standards is not necessary.

  • Industrial: Partially refined grade of lanolin for applications in adhesives, rust prevention, protective films, textiles, leather and lubricants, among others.

If you need a different specification, we have the ability to produce it according to your requirements (custom specifications).

- UltraPURE Lanolin
- Anhydrous Lanolin PhEur
- Anhydrous Lanolin USP

- Anhydrous Lanolin Cosmetic
- Industrial Lanolin
- Technical Lanolin